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dreams come true for the jonas brothers. - Your #1 Source for Disney Secrets ●●
dreams come true for the jonas brothers.

On May 28th, the Jonas Brothers hung out with a girl, age 10, Rowena who has cancer. "It was like a dream come true," said Rowena.

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GREAT Ormond Street Hospital patient Rowena Hutchinson had her dreams fulfilled after meeting worldwide celebrities the Jonas Brothers at their movie premiere.

The 10-year-old from Albourne, who has been bravely battling cancer since 2007, took the whole family to see her idols at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London, for an experience they will never forget.

Rowena's mum, Fiona Hutchinson, was delighted that the whole family could enjoy the surprise. She said: "A friend called Great Ormond Street about Rowena liking High School Musical. The hospital kindly organised for Rowena to go the film premiere but she was just too poorly to make it. But then this came up and we were at home when we got the call. The girls screamed. Rowena was literally hopping around the room with excitement."

Rowena, who is currently undergoing maintenance chemotherapy for Rhabdomyo Sarcoma, is now technically in remission. She has regular appointments at the Royal Alexendra Hospital in Brighton and Great Ormond Street.

Rowena said: "I feel a lot better than I did six months ago. I was really excited about seeing the Jonas Brothers.".

Credit: Jonas Brothers Fan

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